River of Health | I was allergic to summer
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31 May I was allergic to summer

I was allergic to summer. As long as I can remember, I dreaded summer. When everyone else was relishing every moment of the sunshine and playing in the grass, or lying under a tree, I was suffering. I kept a tissue box with me always. As the summer progressed, I felt worse. The roof of my mouth itched badly, and I scratched and rubbed at my eyes until they were almost swollen shut. My nose ran like a tap. By late August/early September I couldn’t even think clearly. My head felt like it was in an uncomfortable fog. I tried over the counter antihistamines. They didn’t really alleviate the symptoms, and I felt some uncomfortable side effects. One July day in 2007, I heard about bio-energetics. I was told that there were no drugs or supplements that had to be taken, no needles, and it was apparently a natural, risk-free method. I thought “what do I have to lose?”

After only three sessions with the BIE practitioner, I noticed that I felt better. My symptoms were gone. I thought maybe I was imagining it! That was in 2007, and I have not had a reaction to trees, grasses or weeds since. Already in the field of natural health, I knew I had to incorporate this method into my practice. There is no magic bullet. It is not 100% foolproof. But I have seen this method help so many people in my own practice, that I feel very fortunate to be able to use it. You can read more about the research and history of bioenergetics at this link:  www.inht.ca