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I’d love to hear your comments, feedback or questions.  Feel free to reach out to me here.  If there is anything you want to know more about tell me and I’ll try to write about it. 


It’s been over 5000 years since the ancient Chinese discovered a subtle energy in the body that cannot be seen, felt or found in any way with the senses. From that discovery, the Chinese identified the twelve meridians along which this energy travels in the human body. There are a few different names for this energy, but the ancient Chinese called it Ch’i – the pure, harmonizing, and free-flowing energy that sustains all life.

Ch’i circulates along acupuncture pathways or energy channels in the body in a similar way that radio waves travel through space. These meridians are like an electrical energy system running throughout the body.

Using acupuncture energy pathways has led holistic healers through the ages to ascertain the body’s inner workings. The ancient Chinese saw no differentiation between acupuncture meridians and corresponding organs. The energy/organ system is so intertwined that it’s not unusual to experience knee pain, for example, when the kidney becomes imbalanced. The reason? The knee is located directly along the course of the kidney meridian. If an organ/energy pathway is blocked or off-balance a bit, that condition is often connected to a problem in the organ.      



We can use this energetic system to test how the body responds to ….. pretty much anything! Every substance known on earth possesses a specific energetic quality. Let’s take foods, for example. You may be wondering if certain foods are causing your body to react in a negative way. It’s not an allergy, but it’s something… just know it.

Your body’s current energetic system might be incompatible with certain foods. Clinical Kinesiology (or muscle-testing) can quickly and easily indicate the compatibility of any substance with the energy pattern of your body.