Where does eczema or acne come from?
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River of Health Toni Pigeon

Where does eczema or acne come from?

This is a question that I find strangely missing in the world of so many people suffering; either they haven’t thought to wonder that, or worse, their medical practitioner hasn’t asked the question either. There are answers to this question. And honestly, trying to treat acne or eczema without answering that question is kind of like turning off the “check engine” light and thinking that the problem went away.

The standard approach is often the administration of steroid medications. While this may provide relief, at least temporarily, it does not ask the question “why?”. Why is this happening? The body is trying to tell us a story. It probably wants to tell us that there is a problem with the elimination system. Somehow it is unable to effectively eliminate the natural metabolic waste, and the toxins that are part of being human. Simply suppressing the symptom will only push the issue deeper into the body, setting one up for the original problem to manifest itself in some other way. The goal should be to answer that big “why?” question, and then work to normalize the body. Turning off the “check engine light” is just putting off the inevitable.